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From our Tilbury mill on the banks of the Thames we supply a range of 100% durum and blended semolina products to the food industry. Allied Mills are established as the UK’s leading durum semolina miller and our many years of experience ensure that our markets are supplied with consistent quality products, a selection of which can be found below:

Coarse semolina – is our premium product, with a rich golden yellow colour it’s idea for the artisan production of pasta. It can be used to in a range of desserts, puddings, sweets and Middle Eastern sweetmeats and it’s unique granularity and colour make it an interesting and functional coating breads and pizzas.

Medium semolina – ideal for the production of pasta both fresh and dried, the combination of fine and coarse semolina’s provide a rich golden colour and the classic ‘al-dente’ bite.

Fine semolina – the original pasta semolina suitable for all pasta production – it’s versatility makes it popular choice biscuits, snacks and couscous.

Superfine – A product specially developed to provide a narrow particle size range, which helps water absorption and consistency of pasta. Predominantly used for large continuous pasta processes involved in the manufacture of chilled and frozen pastas.

Extrafine – A fine, floury semolina for use in high speed pasta manufacturing it’s lighter hue makes it particularly suitable for the manufacture of pasta Verdi, egg pastas and noodles. It’s flour like texture make it a tasty addition to all bread dough’s and is recommended when producing the classically indulgent Altamura bread.

Durum Semolina


Durum wheat is the hardest variety of all wheat’s and some 30,000,000 tonnes are grown throughout the world each year. Regarded by most producers as the only wheat suitable for the production of pasta, durum semolina provides a staple food for many parts of the world.

Durum is from the Latin word for hard and it is this hardness that when milled produces a granular material know as semolina; unlike softer common wheat that produces a fine flour. Another unique property of durum wheat is it’s Amber hue that helps to give pasta it’s golden colour upon cooking.

The hardness of durum semolina makes it more difficult for water to be absorbed into it’s structure leaving pasta produced from it ‘al-dente’. Al dente refers to the desired texture of cooked pasta in Italian cooking. It literally means “to the tooth”. When pasta is cooked al dente, there should be a slight resistance in the centre when chewed.

Durum semolina is also used to manufacture Couscous which is a staple for many North African counties and as it’s so versatile it is gaining in popularity in Europe and North America.

Allied Mills use only the finest durum wheat harvested from around the world to produce our semolina that is then used throughout the UK to produce quality durum based products.

Allied Mills manufacture a wide range of bespoke products designed to meet our markets demanding needs, contact us at to find out more and benefit from our unrivalled application knowledge.

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