Product Testing

In order to maintain our position at the forefront of technology we have invested heavily in state of the art flour and semolina milling equipment, silo telemetry, web portal systems and our customer service program. We aim to make dealing with Allied Mills as straight forward as possible in order to give our customers time and space to concentrate on their business and customers.

By blending the traditional values and skills of the miller with investment in the latest technology, Allied Mills is in a strong position to supply unrivalled levels of customer service. The success of our business is based on much more than supplying the right product at the right price. It has been built on the recognition of our customers’ needs and investment in the resources to meet those needs.

Our onsite laboratories and test bakeries are supported by ATC where a team of cereal scientists monitor our products and keep us up to date with all the latest technological advances and legislative developments.

Lab Testing

Allied Mills operate a dedicated technical team who offer a wide range of disciplines to support our customers’ businesses. Our team of experienced food technologists, bakers, millers and supply chain specialists are keen to offer their services to all our customers. Through ABF we have access to a first class supply of crop information and statistical analysis from sources and contacts around the world. We see it as our partnership role to pass on this market information to enable our customers to benefit from these sources.

We can offer our flour customers forward wheat purchases to back up our flour pricing mechanisms utilizing both futures and options contracts to manage the price risk for customers in volatile fast moving wheat, flour and semolina markets.

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