Supply Chain

Rail truck

Allied Mills pride themselves on the operation of our modern bulk tanker fleet ; we operate dedicated bulk tankers for our flour and semolina business. These vehicles operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week servicing our customers’ delivery requirements. These vehicles can carry up to 28 tonnes to ensure our customers never run short of product. All equipment is maintained and cleaned to the very highest standard in order that our customers may rest assured their product will be delivered to site, food safe and fit for use. Additionally all our bulk tankers are fitted with food grade standard in-line grills.

We can offer bulk silo telemetry systems whereby we monitor our customers’ bulk silos remotely. By reading and monitoring the customers’ on site flour stocks from our mill control centres, we are able to be proactive in ensuring our customers never run short. We also work closely with a dedicated team of third party contractors to deliver our bagged products to the whole of the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe. Because of their experience and knowledge combined with the large fleet availability we can deliver products to our customers’ door. Bags are packed in 16kg or 25kg sizes are palletised and shrink wrapped onto pallets.

Man at PC

Allied Mills are currently delivering product from our mills via the rail network. This cost effective and efficient option is best suited to customers where longer delivery distances are required and is a cleaner form of distribution therefore helping the environment. Allied Mills will actively seek innovative supply solutions in all areas in order to ensure that our customers may choose the best options for flexibility and service in combination with cost benefits allowing them to stay that one step ahead in a competitive market.