Allied Mills History


Food Investments Limited was originally incorporated in 1935 and rapidly expanded with major interests in bakery. Unable to source flour of the right quality, quantity and price the group led by it’s founder Garfield Weston proceeded to buy up many small independent millers in the UK.

By 1964 not only had the company changed it’s name to Associated British Foods but had developed into the world’s largest baker supported by Allied Mills; who on the back of this phenomenal success had become one of the worlds largest millers producing 19,000 tons of flour each week.

Through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Allied Mills invested in new purpose built mills to supply the ever expanding market and by the millennium were supplying over 1,000,000 tons of flour per year.

In 2003 Allied Mills sold its British third party flour milling business, to enable it to concentrate on flour milling for group companies and durum semolina.

In March 2006 Allied Mills re entered the third party flour milling business on a smaller scale than before but with a very effective integrated flour and semolina milling operation, streamlining flour supplies to it’s customers in a highly competitive market.